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DEFINITION: rad·i·cal trans·for·ma·tion (extreme a complete and major change)

27 Feb '14

Who Is Radically Transformed LLC.

Posted by Radically Transformed in Christian T-shirts, Christian Tee, Radically Transformed

Welcome to Radically Transformed, LLC. Our clothing is an outward expression of faith and gratitude for what God has done and who He is. Our logo represents as a two fold symbol. Hands raised as a sign of Surrender to God and also one of Worship.

Radical Transformation says I am not what or who people may define me as. I am not the person that you may think I am or the one that you remember me to be. I am who He has called me out to be. I am a Child of God. I am Radically Transformed.

 Please visit our store. Our designs are ones that are close to our hearts and each has a special personalized meaning. Created for everyone to love as well.